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EU citizens call for exactly the kind of things the EU had in mind

EU citizens have said the EU should introduce the kinds of reforms it was already considering, in a shock endorsement of plans for MOAR EUROPE.

Following months of discussion on whether the EU should do more to stop bad things and promote good things, EU citizens have said "yes, do that."

Hailing the end of the process, Kiefer Hofsdad, one of the EU's 19 presidents, said:

"It turns out if you stuff a room full of the kind of citizens who freely choose to give over their free time to indulge in earnest discussion about qualified majority voting and EU competences, and then guide the conversation and draft their conclusions for them, you get the kinds of recommendations you want to hear."

The citizens, when asked what the EU should be doing about the economy, said the EU should "support the shift to a sustainable and resilient growth model, considering the green and digital transitions with a strong social dimension in the European Semester,

and empowering citizens, trade unions and businesses."

The totally ordinary everyday European citizens also had a view on complementing "conventional macroeconomic indicators" with "new indicators in order to address the new European priorities such as the European Green Deal or the European Pillar of Social Rights and to better reflect the ecological and digital transitions and the wellbeing of people."

Some completely normal EU citizens discussing the Future of Europe

They also agreed the EU should be more active across climate change, health, foreign policy, defence, immigration, education, and a number of other areas the EU coincidentally has already said it wants to be more active in.

Oh, and to do away with unanimity voting, natch.

And to create EU sports teams. For good measure.

EU officials now face the task of taking the recommendations and changing the wording ever so slightly to turn them into an official EU reform plan, before an inevitable mauling and watering down at the hands of EU governments to predictable wails from MEPs of "but the citizens said they wanted it like this."

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