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EU chems industry opens new lobbying front: treat ’em like kids

The complexities of the coolants industry are clearly beyond the comprehension of the average EU lawmaker.

A lobby group representing chemicals companies has decided to explain how groovy their refrigerants are through a cartoon campaign.

Watch as two cutesy animated stalks of broccoli, called … erm … “Brock, ‘n’ Ollie” (seriously), explain to the apparently stunted imaginations of eurocrats the virtues of F-Gases.

The likes of Arkema, DuPont, Honeywell, Mexichem Fluor and Solvay, the companies behind the lobby group, clearly are tired of coming up against MEPs who lack the capacity to understand anything that isn’t accompanied by vibrant colourful moving shapes, anthropomorphised vegetables and a chirpy soundtrack.

See a sample of the campaign below, or in full here.

Is this a new trend in EU messaging, after the European Commission decided to explain the difference between BIG and small with this?


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