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Ecofin to introduce ‘The Voice’-style voting on national bailouts

The Danish presidency of the EU is seeking to pierce the crisis gloom at ministerial level, with plans to introduce voting procedures modelled on TV talent show The Voice.

The pilot project will be tested first at the monthly ‘ecofin’ finance ministerial councils.

Initial agenda items expected to undergo the novel procedure are expected to be any upcoming national austerity plans, in particular a potential redraft of Greece’s bailout, or even a fudge to crowbar Greece out of the Euro.

The presidency chairing the meeting will present the agenda item and, if necessary, the relevant national finance minister will set out the details of the measures proposed.

Other finance ministers will be arranged around the council table with their seats facing outwards.

Even Juncker gets a vote at the audition stage

If they like the sound of what they hear, they can hit a big red button and their chairs will swing around with a satisfying *PFFFFFT* sound.

They can then stand up and punch the air and jump about like a goon to encourage other ministers to also hit their buttons.

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