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Don’t miss this incredible offer!!!8!!!8!

Has ever a brightly tacky ‘Download Now!’ been so misleading?

Granted, it’s nice to see some – notably not the Commission – making an effort, but think of those poor, lost, depraved souls working late in the Berlaymont, trawling EU news sites during the long, lonely, rainy nights in Brussels, searching for a quick burst of shameful but deeply satisfying euro-jargon.

Seduced by the flashy imperative and bright colours, and with one careless and capricious click of the mouse, they download, only to be desperately let down by the dull white pages and classic font (with strategically placed italics) which result. Not even a glossy colourful cover with a coquettishly victorious and pouting Giscard d’Estaing. The disappointment, the confusion, the…protocols.

Surely an oxymoron for our media-savvy EU age: a 336-page Consolidated ‘Reader-Friendly’ version of the Lisbon Treaty.

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