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Oh it’s so easy to be critical isn’t it.

So here we go.

Just noticed, on the 20-meter high banner on EUHQ celebrating (humbly) the EU’s Nobel Peace Prize, the EU’s slogan of ‘United in Diversity’ may have been overlooked.

The EU institutions commissioned the roll-up fresco off of Le Monde’s signature cartoonist, Jean Plantureux (‘Plantu’). You can even add the central ‘dove’ motif to your twitter or facebook profile pic.

Amid the clamouring dozens of adoring (white) European faces, there is one lone non-white character, lovingly depicted thusly:

Perhaps Plantu was taking inspiration from his former patron Hergé, after a Belgian court found the characterisations of Africans in Tintin in the Congo weren’t ‘racist’.

[or is he wearing a balaclava??]


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