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Dear [insert random Spanish name here]

Consumer group doesn’t know its Asentzio from its Elvio

[Thanks to regular reader ‘pp’ for this one]

EU consumer group BEUC (pronounced ‘bay-erk’, although ‘berk’ may be more appropriate in the current circumstances) has sent round an open whinge about interwebsuperhighway ogre Google.

It’s a letter to Europe’s competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia, basically joining the chorus of those squealing in class that “Sir, sir, Google won’t let us play with his crayons.”

OK, Google has an awful lot of really nice crayons. And maybe, just maybe, some people are worse off because of quite how many crayons Google has.

If that’s the case, though, you’d want to get the name right of the man with the power to tell Google to share its crayons around, wouldn’t you?

The letter itself is correctly addressed.

But the cover email to the Brussels press pack – kindly forward on to the ‘Monster – names the commissioner ‘Manuel’ Almunia.

Unless the Arsenal goalkeeper has now been mandated to handle antitrust complaints, BEUC may want to double check the right person is going to get their letter.

If only BEUC had at their disposal some easy way of checking the commissioner’s name, perhaps some kind of all-encompassing, efficient ‘portal’ or ‘engine’ that allows them to ‘search’ the internet for the correct name.

BEUC calls to check the letter has arrived:


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