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Crayons: the new EU communication tools

The European Commission clearly didn’t have high expectations of the cerebral calibre of attendees to a ‘stakeholder day’ on the EU’s telcoms and internet policies this week.

In an agenda circulated in the run-up to the event, invitees were given a visual representation as to what a group of workshops – to be conducted throughout the day – might look like.

Most of us, you’d have thought, would know what a ‘workshop’ looks like, and may be able to arrange ourselves accordingly if there were more than one in any one room.

But if you were to make a diagram for a group of telecoms, media and internet industry types, to show them how to arrange themselves around a flipchart, wouldn’t you ask someone more qualified than your 5 year old son to do it?

This is a part of the commission’s official event diagram. You can guess the rest of it (it even helpfully says ‘etc’ in several places):

See it in full here.

BM suspects the offending artist may well be the same one who designed a pisspoor commemorative euro coin a couple of years ago (see here), and maybe even was also responsible for the naughty stickmen (or ‘naughty-stick men’) canvas formerly on display in the commission’s HQ (see here).

BM, however, notes that if the ‘Digital Agenda’ stakeholders need stickmen instructions for how to stand around a whiteboard, maybe they need help with the rest of the day’s activities. To remedy that situation, here are some skilled illustrations from the ‘Monster’s own easel:

For the panel discussion:

The coffee break:

And the ad hoc drink in Kitty O’Shea’s afterwards which someone had suggested, and started out rather stilted, warmed up after a couple of pints, but then trailed off again after it turned out that the attractive young lobbyiste from Telecom Italia perhaps wasn’t going to show up after all:


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