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Covid gives fresh momentum to EU clock-change idea

Top EU officials are revisiting the idea of scrapping the biannual changing of the clocks.

In an idea inspired by former European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the new plan is to turn the clocks back just one more time, but all the way to 2015.

The 'European Juncker Time' proposal is being touted in Brussels as the easiest way to pull the EU out of the endless winter experienced since March last year.

Juncker himself welcomed the proposal in an interview, saying: “Forget saving daylight, by setting clocks back to 2015 the European Commission could save the global embarrassment of starting a vaccine trade war and could use that time to prepare properly for the pandemic.”

An EU official said: “Changing clocks back to 2015 doesn’t just take us back to before covid, it has the added bonus of taking EU citizens to a pre-Brexit era, to a time when European politics was altogether a bit less deathy and grim, and EU leadership a tad more competent and characterful.”

EU officials are also emboldened to drive the move through by the fact that the UK has already decided to wind back its own clocks to 1945.

“If what we really want are seasonal clock changes then climate change means we should really be pushing the clocks forward and back every day or so,” a Council non-paper states.

The plan is expected to come up against objections from the Greeks, who won't welcome a return to the last decade. But it’s thought the idea will easily win the support of other EU member states, whose leaders are keen to forget the last five years ever happened.

Hungary and Poland, however, may choose to up the ante at the next EU summit by demanding the bloc moves the clock back to 1415 A.D.

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