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Cockroaches v Zombies

The Financial Times blog colourfully depicted the spat as “When Economists Attack”.

Beardy cleverman Paul Krugman had a pop in his New York Times column at the European Commission’s Captain Euro, Olli Rehn.

Olli’s grasp of the European economy was found wanting, as the Nobel economist, nicknamed ‘K-Thug’, described EU monetary theory as like a ‘cockroach’. Or a ‘zombie’. Or something. Either way, it didn’t go down well in Berlaymont Towers.

Olli’s friends closed ranks, and there was a particularly touching defence of the Finn from his colleague for telecoms policies Neelie Kroes.

Last October there was talk of creating a ‘Super Commissioner’ role for oversight of the Euro. Cue whimsical musings on what Olli’s superhero alter ego was.

With RehnMan now facing his arch nemesis KrugMan, some frantic photoshopping was clearly called for:

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