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Climate Cringe: Hey kids, get down with the EC, it’s rad

Bless ’em, they’re at it again. The European Commission is misfiring with its celebrity endorsement once more, and has ended up looking like, well, a bunch of middle-aged civil servants.

Which, of course, they are.

They should therefore not be trusted with trying to communicate with ‘da yoot’.

It will come as no surprise that in order to “mobilise youth before the UN [climate change] conference in Copenhagen,” the EU has enlisted …

… a group of thirty-something American popstars who peaked ten years ago.

The Backstreet Boys, formed in 1993 and voted number one band in Germany in 1996 (among other accolades), are to give a concert on 7 December in Copenhagen “in front of hundreds of young people” (yes, HUNDREDS), coinciding with the opening day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The intention is to ‘raise awareness among young people about the dangers of climate change and the importance of having a European Union response to it in the run up to the UN Climate Change Conference’ it says here.

To be be superciliously earnest for a moment, somebody may wish to point out that European young people are likely more than aware already of the issues. It’s the middle-aged civil servants, politicians and industry leaders who seem not to be getting the message.

Perhaps they should be shipping in Phil Collins and Chris Rea instead.

Now can someone please fetch a step ladder to help me down. This horse is jolly big.


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