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Bumblebees hit back over Euro slur

“Is this on? All I can hear is a buzzing noise”

European bumblebees are furious over what they have called a ‘slanderous’ analogy drawn between their genus and the single European currency.

European Central Bank pomme de terre Mario Draghi last week said the Euro was “like a bumblebee” in that it “shouldn’t fly but it does.”

The European Confederation of Bumblebees hit back this week, saying the comparison was an “outrageous slur on a noble species.”

“We live as an ultimately ‘eusocialised’ beast with a level of cooperation the European governments, treasuries and central banks can only dream of,” said an ECBB spokesbee.

The notion that bumblebees somehow defy gravity was an “outdated and spurious theory that was put to rest years ago,” the ECBB said.

It was ‘saddening’ that the man in charge of the European Central Bank “should still be propagating an aerodynamic lie”, more than a century after the hypothesis was first pooh-poohed and 12 years since Cornell scientists definitively showed that it was possible that an insect that had been happily flying for thousands of years was indeed doing so within the laws of nature.

“It’s typical of an EU politician to underestimate the influence of unsteady viscous fluid dynamics,” the ECBB added.

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