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Brussels seeks new powers

A Vision for Europe

Thinks extendable arms and seeing through clothes would be “kinda cool”

Brussels eurocrats have set out a “wishlist” of new powers they’d like to see the EUHQ assume if European governments decide to re-open the bloc’s treaties.

Top of the list is “Flying!” and “Oooh, being invisible.”

The annex to the Communication on Enhanced Powers in a Revised Treaty Arrangement also puts “extendable arms” and “seeing through clothes” in the “kinda cool” category.

As the preamble to the policy document notes, “yeah, you could like sit in a meeting, and tap someone on the shoulder from across the room or something, or like see the boobies of a visiting dignitary.”

“European Parliament visits would be AWWWWESOME!!!!!!!” the paper concludes.

A previous draft of the wishlist included powers to pull the plug on a failing bank. That, however, was deemed unrealistic.


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