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Brussels jumps to aid of IT nerds

European tech commissioner Vivian Reding has intervened to rescue the sad existence of computer geeks the world over, with a clarion call for more women to enter the sector.

“Women wanted in Europe’s ICT industry”! she blurted by press release today, ahead of Global Chicks’ Day this weekend (see also story below).

And BM is sure the message will have support – albeit a bit nervous – from IT departments across Europe.

But how, we wonder, will the techie fraternity react to Reding’s oestrogen-fuelled army sachaying into their domains?

Will they expect their new colleagues to wear hotpants and guns?

Will they be able to converse in something other than film references?

And separately, why did the commission deem it suitable to call the campaign to get female students into computer sciences, ‘IT Girls‘.


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