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Brussels gets window cleaners in

Heralds new transparency drive (windows, transparent, geddit?)

Dear World, the European Commission is having its windows cleaned. Did everyone get that?

Almost everyone did.

A memo was sent today to around 50 officials in one of the commission’s Brussels buildings alerting them to prepare their offices for the arrival of the crack squeegee team, as “it’s not just a matter of a squirt of Windolene.”

But it was also sent to over 1000 journalists in the accredited euro press pack.

This may be the commission taking transparency to an extreme. Can we look forward to press announcements on changes in bin collection days at EUHQ? Or that the new chairs have arrived for the seventh-floor meeting room?

Perhaps it depends on tomorrow’s headlines…



“One Eurocrat, he’s made a gaffe,

Every time I have to laugh,

I’ll see him de-brief with his staff, When I’m cleaning windows…”

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