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BREAKING: EU leaders reached tentative summit agreement a few days ago

EU leaders tentatively agreed on a summit deal Friday in Brussels, potentially setting the stage for an ad hoc arrangement that, if finalized, could see more summits in the future.

Details of the preliminary agreement still needed to be finalized, leaders said in a draft statement that they stressed still needed fine-tuning, but one thing was almost certain: additional summits would almost certainly be held.

“At our regular meeting on Friday, European Union leaders [re-affirmed] our commitment to meeting [regularly],” the draft conclusions read, with brackets indicating language still being negotiated – likely to be considered again at any putatively forthcoming summits.

European Council President Charles Michel said the tentative agreement was a “step in the right direction” but cautioned that more work still needed to be done.

Asked about the significance of the tentative summit agreement for journalists covering the European Union, one reporter said, “My life is meaningless. I long for the sweet embrace of death.”

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