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Boris riles further EU capitals with blame for UK problems

Boris Johnson has riled yet more European governments with demands they do more to solve British problems.

Hot on the heels of a letter asking Emmanuel Macron to stop people going to the UK, Number 10 has tweeted further passive-aggressive missives seeking intervention from abroad.

In a depeche to Germany, the UK has asked the incoming coalition government to "buck up your ideas and do something about the frankly woeful flood defenses and problem with run-off in large parts of low-lying Britain."

Tallin, meanwhile "simply must try harder" regarding brown-belt housing development under Statutory Instrument 1992 1492 - The Town and Country Planning General Regulations.

In a letter to Portuguese prime minister António Costa, Johnson said Lisbon "has a duty to stem the woke erosion of male role models on British TV. Jodie Whitaker has long outlasted her time as Doctor Who, and I hope we can come to an agreeable solution on a replacement."

And Finland "has done next to nothing about the potholes on the A272 just outside Billingshurst (Eastbound, just after the Henshaw Way roundabout)."


Even Boris Johnson's shambolic CBI speech this week "was because of the damn Greeks."

The tone marks a departure for the British government, long used to just blaming "Brussels" for everything - the EU capital, not the Belgian one, the latter now being held responsible for some lost sheep in Cumbria.

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