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BNP: have a bath, please.

Everybody refused to sit next to the BNP’s goggle-eyed lard-arsed members of parliament in Strasbourg yesterday.

Diane Dods, the Democratic Unionist, refused to take her place next to “MEP” Andrew Brons for the inaugural session in the chamber.

Diane Dods refused to comment, but a trusted insider said “actually, it’s more a body-odour issue than anything else. It’s like those two fatties haven’t had a bath in months. It was much better sitting next to Edvard Kozusnik, who’d cycled all the way from Prague hadn’t changed his clothes.”

It seems that Ms Dods wasn’t alone. “Stinky” Nick Griffin and his sidekick have so far failed dismally at finding enough like-minded MEPs to form an official group.

Members of Jobbik and Attack (sic, really) went off the record and said “no way would we share a meeting room with them. Griffin’s always shouting, his breath is awful and he sweats a lot, whilst Brons smells like he hasn’t changed his nappy for days.”

The nappy comment, however, was deemed unfair. It seems like a deliberate act of political sabotage led to the European Parliament publishing the following biography of Brons, and there is no evidence at all to suggest that he’s only one month old.

Made us giggle (and do a little pooh) though.

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