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Big? Small? No, you’re going to have to remind me…

Looks like the European Commission’s comms folk have been watching Sesame Street again.

Captain Bozo in his State Of The Union address (in French, ‘l’etat des pognons’) proudly intoned this soundbite:

“The EU needs to be big on the big things, and smaller on the small things.”

The commish has bundled the line out again this week, announcing some kind of scheme to cut back red tape.

The flimsiness of what it claims to promise will have to undergo further polemic once the claws are back from the sharpeners.

In the meantime, EUHQ’s comms people have got their crayons out, and decided to illustrate the “Big on Big” quote with this:

See what they did there?

The lion is the BIG scary binding EU regulation with teeth, while the iddle widdle puddy dat is the soft-law guideline, scorecard, or best-practice-benmark-strategy-green-paper-recommendation-document.

Once more:

Biiiiiig (lion)


Smaaaaaalll (cat)

Only problem is…

ROOOAAAARGH… see how the big legally binding legislation, enforceable by the EU courts, rips the head off the puny soft-law mechanism… ! Raaaargh BM

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