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Beware of Bulgarian businessmen bearing awards

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you’d been nominated for some lofty award for “enhancing mutual understanding and dialogue among diverse people” or whatever, and you’d been invited to the ceremony in Vienna, and Bill Clinton was going to be there, and that guy who jumped from space, and you got there, and there was a really long wait, because Clinton wasn’t there yet, and eventually they went ahead without him, and you accepted the award, and made a worthy speech, and it turned out Clinton had at the last minute chosen not to turn up, because his advisers found out that the guy running the show had just been sentenced in Romania for eleven years for dodgy business dealings?

Wouldn’t that just. Be. Awful?

“Bill Clinton bails on $275k ball over ‘spy'” – New York Post “Why Clinton didn’t turn up” – Die Presse “Centre for Global Dialogue without Bill Clinton” – Kleinezeitung “Bill Clinton’s dubious host in Vienna” – Kurier

Now put your cappuccino down, because you don’t want to get milk froth all over your keyboard when you read the next bit (from the award organiser’s website):

“This award recognizes H.E. Barroso’s remarkable ability to foster positive global trends, his great contribution to the dissemination of values such as honesty, and transparency, as well as his active efforts in strengthening cooperation between diverse people and cultures. Through his vision, outstanding commitment and expertise he inspires the next generation of world leaders, change-makers and citizens. _ We are honored to present H.E. José Barroso with the CGDC Award 2013 for _ “ENHANCING MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND DIALOGUE AMONGST DIVERSE PEOPLE””

Thought you’d like that.


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