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Berlaymonster has no discernible effect on European policy-making

Eagle-eyed Alex Koronakis at New Europe ran a flattering piece on the ‘Monster a few days ago, libellously suggesting that we are a “well-known blogger”.

He asked whether the commission pulled the plug on the EU Circus Campaign after the ‘Monster ran an article “critical” of an initiative that seeks to insult the intelligence of every European over the age of about seven. (Although BM suggests that we never really get to the heights of “critical”, but rather “damning with little-to-no praise”.)

Unfortunately, it seems, we don’t yield that kind of power just yet.

In a letter republished by Mr. Koronakis from the commission’s webteam, Tony Lockett says “We would like to reassure you that the withdrawal of the article about the campaign that appeared briefly on the Commission’s homepage on February (sic) had nothing to do with the Berlaymonster post.”

Phew! Now that we’re suitably reassured, he goes on to say that there were “a few factual errors” in the original copy that needed replacing. Sources close to Berlaymonster have indicated that these errors may have included mention of the word “circus” when “farce” was intended.

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