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Barroso praises Zombie journalists

Rumours of their death have been greatly mispronounced Hats off to the Brussels Press Club, a new meeting point, press conference venue, and most importantly, bar for the international hacks at EU HQ.

A committee of journalists and the Belgian political authorities is not the most obvious recipe for getting something done. But here it is.

There are no chesterfield armchairs, white-tunicked serving boys, or local girls of questionable morals (and gender) lounging around. But maybe that’ll come.

They even got European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso to find a gap in his busy schedule selling hooky designer gear from his car boot to attend the launch.

And full of kind words was he, for the ragtag “pillars of democracy” surrounding him.

Except when he intoned triumphantly from his prepared notes that “the Brussels press corpse is alive and well.”

As one wag noted, “the ‘P’ is silent. As in ‘swimming baths.'” (thank you Tippler)


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