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Barroso, Borg, Dimas: angry young men

From the wonderful Manneken Pics:

Somebody in Brussels, ostensibly from DG Installation Art and Scaffolding, commissioned a large waterfall that you spells out words to sit on Schuman roundabout and advertise something.

On careful examination, we think it spells “Maritime”. To purchase your next maritime, please contact fisheries commissioner Joe Borg.


Suggestions are being voiced in the Berlaymont about the relationship between Joe Borg and commissioner for the environment, Stavros Dimas. Things are looking rocky.

When asked by a Christmas Islander (obviously) whether he “coordinate[s] with Joe Borg on issues” and if he sees “the importance of closer links with Joe Borg?”, Stavros Dimas replied with a terse “the communication is good,” leaving everybody to suspect otherwise.

Perhaps we’ll see the commission’s most follicaly challenged men go head to shiny head sometime soon?


And the biggest thanks this week goes to Eliab at England Expects for drawing our attention to a young President Barroso proclaiming “This act is the symptom of the crisis of the bourgeois Education System!

Rough translation:

“I believe that the proposal approved today, in this plenary, on the applicants to the first year [in university] and presented by the revolutionary students’ commission, is an entirely fair proposal. It is a proposal aiming on the right direction of the combat, made within a revolutionary structure. It demands to the governmental authorities the immediate admission of the students and stresses the lawfulness of this admission. We have to take into consideration that the issue of the “students’civic service” had already been discussed last year [1975]. The Education and Research Ministery, lets call it as such, is supporting the “students’ civic service” act. This act is the symptom of the crisis of the bourgeois Education System! This act is entirely wrong, anti-proletarian and anti-popular! It throws students against workers and workers against students.”

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