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And the award for Best Bra in a supporting role goes to…

Today’s award ceremony for a competition to design a poster to the EU’s ‘Breaking Stereotypes’ campaign went well.

The winner was a young Polish student. And handily, she was in the commission at the time anyway, fixing the central heating.

German journalists reserved spaces at the bar.

The Italian journalists were late.

And the Brits turned up, asked how much it was costing the taxpayer, but then didn’t understand the answer as it was in foreign. So they asked the question again, louder. Pointing.

Oddly this was the second European Commission graphic design award this week, following the announcement of the winner of the ‘design a logo’ competition for next year’s EU 50th anniversary celebrations.

Is it just an excuse for commissioners to be seen gladhanding lithe young arty types?

Or is this perhaps a model for decision-making in the future?

Perhaps with all the trouble the EU has had legislating for the working week, or patents, or liberalising the service sector, the commission could simply open each initiative out to students to design their own legislation.

Then the one with the pertest draft proposal gets a trip to Brussels and a sweaty handshake.

It’s a winner…

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