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A complete shower…

French diplomats today responded with an interesting excuse to accusations of fiscal irresponsibility for spending 245,000 euros on the construction of a never-used shower in the Grand Palace : it was art.

[insert ‘allo ‘allo accent here]

“Of course it was never used. It was never intended to be used. The shower was an artistic not a functional installation. A visual demonstration of Gallic strength, never to submit to the weakness of frequent washing, not like those sappy Americans with their power showers and baths the size of Versailles.

The stench of our armpits is the stench of power. And Sarko is the strongest of all. When Carla hugs him, she has tears in her eyes. Tears of a woman experiencing that ‘strength’ close at hand. We wanted the world to see him not showering, and cower before us.”

“You think only the Czechs can do satirical art? Mais non, monsieur.” they added, before flouncing out the room in a cloud of Chanel.

No wonder the Belges call deoderant a ‘douche francaise’.

The original work of ‘art’.

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