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€20m for consultants to tell EU telco staff how to do their job. And then to do it for them.

The ink is barely dry on the European Commission’s grand plan to review existing EU laws to instill “regulatory fitness,” (ReFit) but already the strategy is generating employment.

*SING* “Love my tender…”

The executive’s telecoms department – the jauntily titled “DG Connect” – is offering 20 million euros to the struggling consultancy sector for a range of contracts to:

– tell EU telecoms officials how to conduct policy evaluations


– do a load of policy evaluations for them.

Teach a man to fish, and then give him a big fish pie?

The tender dwarfs the €2 million contract the same EU telco department made available last year for “support services facilitating Strategic Decision Processes and Future Vision and Mission Statements.”

On top of the telecoms policy reviews, the ReFit initiative promises 47 further legislative evaluations across the rest of the EU law book by the end of 2014.

The consultancy sector will be watching the EU’s contract offers closely in the coming months for more such out-sourced morsels.

For jobs and growth, you understand.


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