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'We never sulk' - a poem

BM has hauled EU Press Room Poet-Laureate-in-Exile Dalian Lombardino out of partial and temporary retirement to wax lyrical on the European Commission's insistence that it 'has no moods,' in response to accusations from the UK of 'ill will' over Brexit.

We'll voice regret, without upset,

Concern, without a tear.

When times are hard, we barely fret,

When good, we hardly cheer.

And when the charge is levelled

That we're grumpy and ill-willed,

We'll neither cry nor revel,

But will stay distinctly chilled,

For through and through we're quite imbued

With stoic resolution,

We never sulk, we have no moods.

We are an institution.

Invade and kill your neighbours

And we’ll barely raise a frown,

Oppression or slave labour,

Just will not get us down,

We’ll only ever lose our cool,

And raise some stern objections,

If someone makes us look a fool

When buying up injections.

But otherwise our attitude’s

Of sterner constitution,

We never sulk, we have no moods,

We are an institution.

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