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Strasbourg diary: A week in the life of MEP X (part 2)

Berlaymonster has obtained rights to publish the diary of an unnamed MEP, who is recording the events of the week in real time. See part 1 here.


Ouch, bit of a rough one last night, diary. Tagged along with a posse of MEPs from the S&D group for a Spargelzeit feast and did a little too much Riesling. I knew things were out of control when the others started a big singalong of “L'Internationale” – come on, guys, it’s 2021 – but felt a bit better when they picked up the bill and put the whole dinner on the S&D Group credit card. Power to the people. Then we went along to Les Aviateurs – some traditions never die – and they had moved the whole bar OUTSIDE so we could still dance on it. Sadly, it wasn’t like the old days when you had to try to keep up beer-for-beer and move-for-move with Elmar Brok. Anyway, it’s gonna be tough today powering through a hangover and pretending to be interested in the Von der Leyen-Dombrovskis show. Then 12.45 to 14h appears to be voting on the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument.

I wonder if the Tire-Bouchon has any spots left for lunch…

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