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Boring week ahead of you? Wondering how you’ll fill those empty days of pretending-to-work-from-your-kitchen? Or even if you don’t work for an EU institution, perhaps you’d just like to show your Brussels nerd friends that you know your Slovenian crisis manager from your Slovakian clairvoyant.

All 27 titans of mediocrity from the current European Commission are jumbled below: how many anagrams can you spot? Join in the questionable fun and share your result on Twitter with the hashtag #getalifeEU.

A naive Nadal

Also John's Navy

An easier D Cummings

Arrive, holy evil!

Arsey kid takes ill

Avert the gas merger!

Cuba dark, via US

Dark bliss dooms Viv

Drink is Mao's

First man's Mr Mean

Frailer, Easier

I may bear a girl

I see dry red rind

I, smartass chairing

Inhale ladle

Job: let's sell reel of porn

John has henna

Ms Catholic Sin

Ninja cel craze

Our java over

Pooing into Ella

Put a tuner in jail

Sick virus is jiving in EU

Try hornier bet

UN hajji's cock size - wow

Very dull one near us

Voices from sac

Stay tuned next week when we’ll be testing your knowledge of puns based on all 41 members of the Bureau of the European Economic and Social Committee!

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