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When Holly met Merky

Willkommen in Deutschland

Sparks fly, but Frankie says Relax

When Francois Hollande’s plane was struck by lightning yesterday on his way to meet German president Angela Merkel, the world assumed that the German god of thunder Donar had been policing the skies over the Rhine valley to administer some old-school wrath.

But Mr Normal emerged unscathed, prompting some to wonder whether it was indeed portent of some more euro-doom.

Merkel herself said it was a ‘good omen,’ and as the Economist’s Charlemagne columnist pointed out on that there twitter (@EconCharlemagne), a lightning strike in French – ‘coup de foudre’ – actually means love at first sight.

But could Merkel have forgotten her previous paramour so soon? Sar… Sackoosy … Teacosy … wossisface. You know, him. Little fella.

BM Just a thought, but if the French president’s cabinet leaks a story, can the journalist say it came from a ‘Hollandaise source’? Please?

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