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Welcome to the club, MWAHAHAhahahahaaaaaaaaaa

The EU’s body of ‘commissioners’ has put together a welcome message to Croatia, which joined the bloc today.

It’s a heartwarming multilingual display of Europe’s native tongues, except for Vivian Reding, the Luxembourger, who insisted on doing hers in English.

And Algirdas Šemeta, who does some ‘acting’ 45 seconds in [*important man gazes in to middle distance, as if pondering Europe’s future, then notices camera*]

Most notable, however, is Germany’s Guenther Oettinger, who delivers the creepiest welcome message ever. That man should not be instructed to smile. Ever.

Fast forward 23 seconds – if you dare – on the full version of the video here. Or see BM’s edit below:


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