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Wallström snubs Scorsese

In an unprovoked outburst, Wallström savaged “The Departed”, Scorsese’s remake of the Asian classic “Infernal Affairs”.

Writing on her blög, Margot starts off with a token apology (“I am sorry, Martin Scorsese“) before launching into fierce criticism (“the dialogue never moved from the level of shouting “fuck you“ louder and louder…“).

She goes on to compare it unfavourably to Babel, an award-winning film about multilingualism in an enlarged Europe, and invites the director to compare his own work with it in order to “see the difference in screen dramatising and filmmaking” (sic).

A spokesman for the director said “Wolstroom? Who the fuck is that? A politican you say? What was she elected for? She wasn’t elected? What the fuck does she want? She’s a fucking what? Fuck you! FUCK YOU!!”

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