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UKIP infiltrates Call of Duty design team

The EU flag can pop up in some unexpected places.

This last week I was marveling with feigned disinterest over the shoulder of an actual young person the visceral belligerence that is the latest Call of Duty video game. I risked said youth’s ire by demanding he pause the festive bloodbath when I spotted this:

It’s the flag of the evil “Federation” faced by the game’s protagonists and forces of all that is good (i.e. ‘American’).

Granted, the Federation is a superpower made up of Latin American, not European countries, and the design could also said to have been borrowed from the US’s own feted first flag.

But the defeat of a power-hungry malevolent bloc with military plans and a star-ringed standard?

Is UKIP writing video wargame synopses now? Or did the designers just cut and paste it from a party manifesto?

Happy New Year.

Oh, and “frag out,” apparently …



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