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Top EU politician available for “any job going” as VIP posts up for grabs

A top EU politician has said he’d accept “pretty much any VIP job going” when the bloc’s decision-making institutions undergo a reshuffle next year.

The senior Brussels figure said he “wasn’t bothered” if he got president of the EU Council, Parliament or Commission. “I’ll take social affairs, multilingualism, whatever.”

“Even High Rep.”

The unidentified top-ranking politico remained unidentified, because we couldn’t identify him. It’s a quality that could stand him in good stead for nomination when the elite game if EU musical chairs gets underway next year.

As the plum-job bonanza looms, the high-placed political player has already embarked on a concerted campaign of mentioning “youth unemployment” in public while looking grave and kinda statesmanlike.

With a large number of names already in the hat for many of the seats at the EU’s top tables, the bloc has announced proposals to invest in a bigger hat. And probably even more seats.



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