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Time for a finely chiseled euro-sarnie…

Spare a thought for the ‘Monster and its parasitic chums around the EU village in Brussels.

The brown-bag lunch options are few and far between. There’s a handful of traditional Belgian sandwicheries, if you like a smear of raw meat in your baguette.

Or for something ostensibly more classy, there’s Exki, or Exki, or the other Exki, or the two Exki-clone branches of Pulp.

And the substantial premium on their sandwiches appears to to be in direct proportion to the fashionable toughness of their bread.

Maybe this is where the illicit Indonesian wood ended up, that may or may not have been left over from renovation of the commission’s HQ.

Having just broken a tooth on one of these offending door-stops, BM popped round the back of the lunchplace in question, to take this quick oil-painting of their bread-testing room:


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