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Spoilt brats. Kallas to step in.

According to recent dross from one of the unions, the staff of the Berlaymont and its outposts are “outraged” and “destabilized” as a result of the service from the heavily subsidised cafeterias and “selfs” (self-service canteens).

Berlaymonster highlights the biggest gripes, emailed out to 27000 staff last week, so you don’t have to:

Staff are more and more unhappy (surely less and less happy?) with the services on offer. The person who measures staff satisfaction vis à vis the cafeterias has noticed a dramatic fall from 76% to 68.5%. The “selfs” are faring a bit better, with a rise in satisfaction levels from 54 to 57.3%. Sandwiches and salads are the least appreciated products. The welcome on offer and the length of queues have “equally favoured dissatisfaction” (our translation).

Happily, a “solution seems close” because Mr. Kallas and his cabinet, presumably stuck for owt better to do, are “showing a certain sensitivity” to this matter.

Berlaymonster’s heart goes out and offers to share its sandwiches with the disgruntled, moaning, greedy, overweight bags of shite peopling the corridors of the institutions with their £3.50 steak and chips and cheap half-bottles of plonk.

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