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President who?

EU high representative Baroness Ashton, Europe’s foreign affairs voice on the world stage, doesn’t know what Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic looks like.

Hardly a cardinal sin, you’d say, but as hi-rep she’d maybe not want to leave it to the last minute before a meet-n-greet to realise as much.

Nor may she choose in future to admit it inadvertently in front of a rolling camera.

“Someone’ll have to come with me because I don’t know what he looks like” she blurts at her team as she heads down the corridor.

“Nor do I”, a highly-paid foreign affairs adviser blurts back.

Watch the video and see if you can guess which Ashton aide may not see out the month.

Still, it gave BM an opportunity to get some more photoshop practice in:

BM. Thanks to @BrunoBrussels for alerting the twittersphere. @berlaymonster

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