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New Year, nothing’s changed

The Berlaymonster is pleased to wish all its readers a very happy new year. Particularly welcome are our newest members, Bulgaria and Romania.

Settling in to a new job in the institutions in Brussels may be difficult, but we’re confident that you’ll be well equipped to deal with the muddling bureaucracy, endless hierarchy and opaque decision-making procedures, with just the smallest twinge of corruption.

When the ‘Monster phoned representatives of the Commission, Council and Parliament yesterday, we were unfortunately unable to speak to anybody. Work will resume, it appears, sometime in January.

Meanwhile, which Commissioner has been spotted smothered in chocolate sauce doing naked press-ups to a techno soundscape somewhere in the Canary Islands?

(Not really, damn it.)

So Happy New Year! La Multi Ani si Un An Nou Fericit! честита нова година! And may you keep your submissions to Berlaymonster constant and plentiful!

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