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Name Game

Any clues how the European electronic identity interoperability platform is known?

Not that you should care.

Something chewy and literal such as the EEIIP?

Or perhaps they’ll play with the wording in order to get a better acronym, such as EPID?

Or get consultants in to force something catchier based around ‘Electronic ID in the European Economic Area’ to get EIDEEA?

Nope, it is, of course, ‘STORK’, which, according to a recent EU parliamentary Q&A stands for:

Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed.

That’s right, it’s Aussie-rules acronyms, a no-holds-barred, free-jazz improvisational scrabble-bag naming procedure.

As the Sex Pistols might have had it: it’s Anacronymy in the U.I. (eUropean unIon).

At least the unfortunately named CLONG (comité de liaison des organisations non-gouvernementales) and RAPEX (Rapid Exchange) have a semblance of a logic behind their monikers.

These folks clearly don’t know their Across-Region Systems for Electronic Security from their Electronic Linked Border Operations Web Solutions…

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