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Look, look, Juncker’s got a sense of humour!

Yeah, mine.

There’s something a little bit awry in the world when politicians are cut and pasting borrowing campaign ideas from the world of satire.

Possibly, and I’m not ruling this out, there’s something wrong with the satire itself. A period of reflection and claw-sharpening is possibly in order.

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed this morning, Jean-Claude Juncker, the centre-right’s self-proclaimed candidate to be next European Commission President, admitted to his lack of tech credentials. But he said he nevertheless had a vision for getting Europeans all on the interwebs and playing Crazy Birds and Candy Smash on the iPadphone thingies for jobs and growth. Or something.

The op-ed was timed to be released alongside this video, playing up JC’s olde-worlde charm as a counterpoint to his deeply-held belief in the kinds of technical things that a man of his age needs different glasses and a protruded tongue to operate.

Nice idea!

I had.

In April.

I look forward a video of Juncker dancing badly at a wedding, or an animation of a plasticine “Vinoceraptor” savaging a “Tyrannobore-us Lex”. Or maybe some of the other candidates will take to trawling through the BM back-catalogue for inspiration. Such as Socialist candidate Martin Schulz turning up to his next public meeting as Chief Fauxsocialix

Haven’t done anything yet on the other one. Kiefer Hofsdad, or whatever his name is.

Til then, it’s out with the BM Claw Sharpener [patent pending].


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