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Late arrivals to the EU ball

For those readers unacquainted with this punning parlour game made famous by long-running BBC radio panel show I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, here’s an explanation.

Here they are, the announcements of the Late Arrivals to the EU ball – as compiled by BM and chums.

– Mr and Mrs D. Bananas and their son, Ben. – Please welcome, all the way from Ireland, Mr and Mrs Bordthegravytrain, and their daughter, Orla. – Just arriving, travelling second class but claiming first class, Mr and Mrs Em and their daughter Purdey – Nobody invited them, but they’re here anyway, Mr and Mrs Craticdeficit, and their daughter Demi – From UKIP, Lemmy Owdahere, and his Auntie Eva ReethingtheEUstandsfor – Mr and Mrs Worrythegermanswillpay and their son Don – Here’s the Akesomedrachmasjustincase and their son William – Len Dnow and Count De Costlater – Behind them are the legendary tightwads Mr and Mrs Resourcesareawasteofmoney and their son Owen – AH! Enter the head of the European Defence Agency, Mr Whosarmy and his son Euan – Mr and Mrs ComewithmeIdontknowwhattheserbianpresidentlookslike and their son Kanye – Francoise Inchargebeforebutnowitsgermany – 12 minutes late, again, M et Mme Dayvoo de Meedie and their son Ron – Seb Siddy and his Chinese friend Fun Ding Gon – Noah Dearwhohalfthecommissionersare aaaaaand finally – Mr and Mrs Bennettisitreallytimeforyetanothermakeorbreaksummit and their son … GORDON Bennettisitreallytimeforyetanothermakeorbreaksummit…

Announce further suggestions on that there twitter with the hashtag #latearrivalstotheEUball or send an electronic mail to the customary address.

BM (and chums)

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