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It was a quiet Sunday

Bruno ‘Bruiser’ Waterfield off of the Telegraph had just filed a desk-thumping treatise on wasteful expenditure in the European Parliament.

Predictably, our MEP friends had served up yet more counter-austerity spending plans, of the kind that make it all the more difficult for the profligate EU commission and parliament to defend European budget plans before the EU governments that have to pay for them.

The flagship cash-vacuum attracting Herr Wasserfeld’s ire on this occasion was parliamentary plans for a multimillion-euro History of Europe museum, or something.

One of the attractions was cited as “a 2.5 hour role-play game for secondary school pupils using the latest computer technology and contributions from over 400 actors to create a virtual world experience of life as an MEP.”

The serious issues of wasteful self-aggrandisement in a time of belt-tightening aside, that-there twitter resorted to a bout of e-badinage on names of video games apt for MEPs.

The hashtag #MEPvideogames thus combined the dual geek worlds of euroville and gamesters – a Venn diagram with an admittedly limited overlap, but which nevertheless kept a handful of thumbs busy of an otherwise quiet Sunday morning.

Here, courtesy of @BrunoBrussels, @quarsan, @spignal and @ronpatz is a brief rundown of the submissions. Feel free to make more via the aforementioned #MEPvideogames on the twitter:

  1. Grand Theft Euro

  2. Cost of Duty

  3. Call of Gravy

  4. Alsace ‘n’ Greed

  5. World of Lawcraft

  6. Angry Birds (ft Viviane Reding)

  7. Gloom

  8. Super Mario Draghi Kart

*note to self – must get out more*


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