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Galileo: great success

Jacques Barrot this morning pronounced the European Intergalactic Satellite Commission’s decision to outsource “Galileo”, its navigational satellite projects, to a Sino-Korean consortium “a great success”.

Plagued by disagreement and difficulty since its inception, the European plans to launch satellites to rival the USA’s GPS systems weren’t going anywhere fast, until a man identified only as “Uncle Hau” stepped forward with a cut-price offer to get the work done in a few months.

Said Mr. Barrot: “it’s one enormement leaping forward for the mankind, and a littlest step in the right direction for the European Union.”

The Chinese group will begin work on the satellites this afternoon and will be available for new projects from November.

To celebrate the decision, Margot Wällstrom will be hosting a Brussels celebrity edition of “Stars in their Eyes” and Patrick Moore, famous British astronomist and misogynist, will be proposing a motion to the European Parliament to free women from the chains of suffrage.

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