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Fancy a TTIPPLE? A Deguchtation?

De Gucht helpfully provides instruction on what to do with his wine

EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht’s vineyard bears fruit. BM looks forward to the US marketing campaign…

For a mere €22,49 pick up a nice Chianti from the Tuscan smallholding owned by none other than EU trade commissioner Karel De Gucht.

His 2010 “La Macinaia” is now on sale in Belgium, under the ‘Chianti Classico DOCG’ moniker. The ‘Chateaux Vini’ distributor’s website even has a rather delightful photo of the commissioner’s Tuscan retreat.

As the EU starts negotiations with the US over a new trade deal, who better for Europe’s vintners to have at the top table than a man with an intimate knowledge of and interest in spreading the good word about Europe’s quality produce, and the regional labels that protect them?

Apparently the commission has no fear of a potential conflict of interest though.

His investment in the smallholding – valued at 1,000,000 euros – is all set out in the declaration of financial interests he made when he was appointed.

So “salute” all round then…



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