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European Citizens’ Consultations: professionals

We got a comment!

Read it at your leisure (or don’t). A young lady writing on behalf of the “European Citizens’ Consultations” Snorum asks “if it is possible to put the logo AND the banner of the German and Austrian website, on Your website;

Well, the logo was already pushing it, darling, and your grammar didn’t win you any friends. However, we admire your gumption, and particularly the daring lack of quid pro quo. In return for publicising your slightly obscure waste of time, you offer us … no … what? Nothing at all? Aaah, OK, it’s all in aid of the European panacea, so we’ll be happy to indulge you.

Her next request is more straightforward. She wants to know if we’ll put a link to the blah blah Consultations blah blah on the EU Observer.

We can certainly arrange that for you. We’ve had a chat with the folks at the EU Observer and all you need to do is send us a cheque for 15.000 EUR, made payable to the Berlaymonster. We will not issue an invoice, do not expect a receipt.

Her correspondence goes on, but it involves phrases like “ongoing consultations” and “NGO partners”, and, frankly, we were bored to self-harm at the end of the first sentence. It’s all we can do not to rearrange our own facial features just thinking about it.

So if you’re in the mood to send us a self-serving, badly-copy-pasted and inappropriate request, we’d ask you to consider a small donation to the ‘Monster’s running costs.

Or a go on your mum.

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