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EU unity now measured in 'eucoseconds'

Scientists have discovered a new unit of time to define the period of EU unanimity following the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis.

The 'eucosecond' describes the brief moment EU governments were able to reach unanimity about three weeks ago late one Tuesday, before descending back into disagreement.

It was over in a flash, but lasted long enough to prompt hubristic predictions of a rebirth of a new more united and assertive EU. Those, in turn, lasted only about half a day, or 'vendredi' as it's known in the European Parliament.

It was found that other fleeting moments of EU unity in times of crisis can also be measured in multiples of the eucosecond. Consensus on the need for action over climate change clocked in at four eucoseconds at a summit last year, while unanimity over reaction to the covid crisis reached three eucoseconds on two occasions in the last two years.

The discovery follows the conclusion last month that discussions on the Future of Europe should be measured in 'decayeds'.

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