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EU states agree to end to mobile roaming if Brussels ‘shuts up about it’

EU governments have said they’ll agree to plans to do away with mobile roaming fees, as long as the European Commission “stops banging on about it.”

In a memo drafted by the EU government presidency, national capitals have signalled their support for a telecom reform plan signed off by MEPs today.

To date, national ministers have been lukewarm towards the proposals, which include a phasing out of the fees mobile phone users pay to play Candy Crush and surf for smut when abroad in Europe.

But in the presidency memo, member states have said, “OK, OK, fine. Yes. Roaming. Whatever. Do it.”

“If it’ll keep you bloody quiet. Anything,” the memo adds.

The agreement of governments is, however, conditional on the European Commission “never, ever mentioning roaming rates ever again.”

“If we sign up to this, you’re going to have to find a different example of something good the EU has done. Understood?”

A commission official welcomed the EU council accord, saying “we have no problem with this condition.”

“There’s plenty of other examples of good things the EU has done that we can cite.”

“Plenty …”

“Loads. Just…”

“… too many to mention right now.”


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