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EU aid causes a public convenience

BM can confirm the long-held British tabloid belief that EU funds are going down the toilet.

Here is a photo of a lovely pooper in Hull, subsidised by EU regional aid.

The verdant washroom is, we learn from the European Commission’s website, ‘award-winning’ and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

And the aim of the subsidy: to promote “regional competitiveness”.

Quite how a spic-and-span Victorian crapper-cum-conservatory can help regional competitiveness escapes BM for the moment.

But it proves the EU is ‘flush’ with ‘loo-t’ … erm … and is ‘basin’ its regional aid distribution on … erm … [toilet … poo … other lavatorial references …]

Thanks to avid BM reader ‘Florence‘ for the tip…

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