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David vs … er … David

Britain is set to give up and/or defend its veto on justice and home affairs, apparently.

The axis of David – the respective Brussels reporters for the Times and Telegraph – has bucked the trend for ‘cartel correspondency’ with each Dave filing vastly opposing views on majority voting moves in EU justice policies.

David ‘EU’ Charter, The Times’ newboy in Brussels teamed up with Times Brussels oldboy Anthony Browne to bluster last Thursday that Britain was ‘set to give up its EU veto on law and order‘ (‘The Times understands’ is the cited source).

Cue David Rennie, the Telegraph’s embedded journalist at EUHQ, in his blog the next day:

“Some reports, notably a piece in The Times yesterday, sensationally predicted British ministers would today ‘set out their conditions’” for giving up the veto.”

“In conversations with several well-placed officials, from more than one country, I am told that is flat wrong, and that a decision has been taken in Downing Street, albeit very recently, that Britain will not go along with giving up the veto.”


Rennie’s playground thumb-biting aside, are to we believe Charter’s ‘understanding’ or Rennie’s ‘well-placed sources from more than one country’?

BM is inclined towards neither. So ner.

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