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Claims new law will destroy economy or end life on earth probably overcooked

A company or group of companies has spotted that a planned new law for their sector might be a bit of a nuisance or cost a bit of money up front in order to change their business practices a bit.

The businesses are considering pointing this out to the people who are deciding on the wording for the new law.

However, the businesses have acknowledged that if they just say “terribly sorry, but this is possibly going to be a bit of a nuisance, any chance you could desist or change it?” may not have the desired impact.

So the company or companies have decided to wave their arms about and claim that the law will “sound the death-knell” for their industry or somesuch.

Anticipating this, pressure groups who think the company or companies could largely be doing things a bit more ethically or in a more eco-friendly way have decided also to wave their arms about and say that legislative inaction or watering-down the proposals will “spell the end of” clean air and water or an endangered animal or something.

Both sides will have all sorts of numbers to prove their point, put together by people they have paid to come up with those numbers. The numbers will be both terrifying and incomprehensible in their scale.

A few of the decision-makers will take sides, but most of them will see through the bluster and try and steer a reasonable path that results in a law that doesn’t bring the economy to its knees or kill rare butterflies.

The tawdry inevitability of it all shall never fade.


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