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Brussels to add Autumn/early Winter to institutional holidays

The European Commission is to add the months September through to December to its annual holidays, which already total fifteen ad hoc days throughout the year, plus six to eight weeks over the summer.

In line with the practice of ‘bridging’ days off when a bank holiday falls on a Thursday, taking the Friday off for good measure, the commission is expected to say it’s hardly worth officials coming back to work after summer recess, with Christmas so close.

Autumn and the first part of Winter will therefore be ‘bridged’ from next year onwards, with eurocrats only returning from their summer break in the New Year.

Although, with Easter only three months away from New Year there are moves to bridge that gap too.

Which only leaves the intervening three months before the summer break starts again. That eventually may also be deemed to short a period for it to be worthwhile officials making the treck back to Brussels.

That blueprint would leave one Thursday afternoon in May (the following Friday is a Bank Holiday) pencilled in as the only period of activity for the Brussels institutions.

Commission spokesmen were unavailable for comment, as it’s the second of three days off this week for EU officials.

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